Are People Competing for Your Property? Why Not….??

shutterstock_72609499When talking or meeting with potential clients the first question we are typically asked is “How much do you think my property is worth?” Now that, my friends, is a loaded question. Most sellers want some assurance that the price they have in mind is achievable and realistic. But we counter with what we believe to be the more important question, “What is the highest price that can be achieved for your property?”  Wait a minute, isn’t that the same thing you ask?  No, it’s not.

Wikipedia defines competition as a contest between two or more individuals. It is this reason that we believe that competition between parties stimulates the achievement of the highest possible price for a real estate property.  So instead of having one person at a time submit an offer on your home or property, imagine several people submitting offers continuously until one person edges out the rest of the competition with a price the others are unwilling to match.  This method proves to be exciting for the buyer’s participating and profitable for the seller.  It also provides a piece of mind that the property achieved the highest price possible.

Using this method of competitive bidding has proven successful for all types of properties.  We have sold homes, farms, recreational property, beach properties, timberland, various commercial and industrial properties and even a racetrack! Being able to now take the competitive bidding online has sparked an increase in participation of many of our bidding events.  Buyers can participate in the bidding no matter where they are with ease and comfort.  Just last year we sold a farm in West Georgia to a buyer who was bidding while on vacation in Mississippi and the back up bidder was en route to Hawaii for business.  Wow!

If you are in the market to sell your real estate, instead of wondering what your property is worth, let an online bidding event give you the comfort of knowing that the highest price was achieved by a good dose of competition.  Because you know what they say……..”A horse never runs so fast as when he has other horses to catch up and outpace.”

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